Our Environmental Efforts

The hotel was closed for several years, but on February 26, 2023, we reopened the doors to Storlien High Mountain Hotel. We are committed to making our hotel more climate-friendly and environmentally friendly, embarking on an exciting and long-term journey that is just beginning.

Currently, extensive renovation work is underway that helps reduce energy and water use as well as climate impact. We aim to continue preserving the mountains as a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy. Please feel free to suggest how we can improve!

• We use eco-labeled cleaning and laundry products.
• We do not use disposable items in daily service.
• Towels are changed upon request - no more than three times a week.
• Our menu includes vegetarian options, and all fish served are locally sourced.
• We actively work to reduce food waste, for instance, by packaging leftover buffet food into lunch boxes for staff during the winter months.
• Parts of our breakfast buffet are organic. We aim to increase the amount of organic products throughout the year.
• We sort waste for recycling.
• The hotel is heated with geothermal energy supplemented by electricity.
• We exclusively use renewable electricity.

We are already doing a lot, but there is always room for improvement. Our operation is newly restarted, but the hotel building itself is nearly 100 years old. Over the next year, we will identify the most crucial measures to take to run an even more climate-smart and sustainable hotel and conference facility.

Measures for Reduced Energy Use
All windows in the hotel are being replaced with new, energy-efficient windows with insulated glass. About 50% of all windows have been replaced, and the goal is to have the rest replaced within two years.

Approximately 30-40% of all ventilation has been replaced since renovations began last autumn. The entire hotel’s ventilation system will be upgraded to a modern system with heat recovery.

Since spring, the pool has been heated with geothermal energy instead of electricity.

Water-Reducing Measures
The fittings in the bathrooms are being replaced progressively with water-saving taps and toilets. 70 out of 210 bathrooms now have updated fixtures, and the remaining are planned to be renovated within the next two years.

Heating is provided by geothermal energy, installed in 2007, supplemented by electricity.

Electricity Consumption
All the electricity we use is renewable and is monitored by measuring kWh per square meter and per guest night.