Mountain Hiking

Starting right outside the hotel entrance, you can begin to explore our beautiful mountains. Whether you just want to go out for a few hours or embark on longer hikes, Storlien Mountains offer easy accessibility with magnificent views. There are trails suitable for beginners who may not have hiked much in the mountains before and want to try it out, as well as for those seeking new challenges.

In Storlien, there's an extensive network of trails suitable for day trips or as a starting point for multi-day hikes. Here are some tips:

Blomsterstigen, 7 km
1.5-2 hours
A beautiful, popular trail that stretches from the village around the top of Skurdalshöjden. A historic path with benches, each with its own story.

Jakob Billströms stig
0.5-1 hour
A shortened version of Blomsterstigen. If the weather is poor or you prefer a shorter hike, this trail, which stays within the birch forests, is perfect.

Motionsslingan, 1.5 km
15 - 25 min
An easy trail just outside the hotel. Built in the 90s as an exercise trail for the many training groups visiting Storlien. Now used by both cyclists and hikers.

Skurdalssjön – Rastskyddet Ugglan - Stenen i Grönan dal
2.5 - 3.5 hours
If you continue your hike past Vindarnas Tempel, you'll reach Skurdalssjön. From here, you can take the trail past Stenen i Grönan dal before descending to the rest cabin Ugglan located at the edge of Skurdalssjön. Here, you can pick up your rented canoe and paddle around the lake or enjoy your packed lunch before heading back.

Starting point Tullen / Sandtjärnarna
At the customs station, a network of trails maintained by the voluntary association Storlienfjällens Vänner starts. They have described the trails in detail here.

A slightly tougher hike down to the waterfall Brudslöjan. Once there, you can take the stairs down to the bottom of the waterfall. If you want to visit the waterfall from the water, you can rent canoes from Rypetoppen Adventurepark and paddle in.

Camping Sites

Rent or bring a tent and sleeping bag and spend a night camping with your family. In Storlien, we have many beautiful and easily accessible camping spots. Here are some of our favorites:

Take Blomsterstigen past Vindarnas Tempel and continue north towards Skurdalssjön. After about 1 km, turn right towards Åhlénstugan, and you'll only have 300m left to the pond called 795. Here, you camp in the middle of the mountain plateau and have the opportunity to fish in the pond.

Just under a kilometer from the hotel lies Niagarafallet. Here, you can camp in a beautiful birch forest with trickling water nearby. There's a shelter and a hut to use during the day. A perfect adventure for the youngest children.

Around Sandtjärnarna, there are several nice beaches and shelters with barbecue facilities, making it a perfect place for a camping adventure. Our favorite is camping at the shelter between the ponds.